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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Location, location!

Seem on a walk around our village earlier this spring - a welcome reminder that despite a dramatic turn in the weather today - we live in a very beautiful place.
This summer I aim to become a "local tourist" and catch up on all the places I see, every day, without really looking. Come join me.


hazel said...

Hi Clare, Looking forward to being a tourist with you while you visit your beauty spots. I think Great Britain has some wonderful scenery.

It is like winter here again where I am.
Hazel (UK)

Kathy A. said...

Oh Clare. What a great idea. I would love to share your travels with you. The post box was the perfect start.

Brigitte said...

Oh Clare, I'm so much looking forward to seeing your pictures this summer. I love the countryside and I love England, so I'm getting ready for a lot of fun.