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Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh Dear me...

It just hasn't been my week this week...

Monday -was under the duvet alongside a multitude of cold/flu germs.

Tuesday - much the same as Monday, but this time without the duvet.

Wednesday - back to work and my phone died. DS dental appointment had to be re-arranged.

Thursday - the TV decided it would switch on , then half the picture would go, then it would go off. Probably needs replacing. Ho Hum.

Today - collecting DS from school to attend re-arranged dental appointment, when the car refused to move from the middle of the car park. Had to call DH for a rescue (luckily for us he works nearby). Made dental appointment, DS has to have braces! He is not a happy bunny. The car recovery man has moved the car, but the garage can't look at it until Tuesday!

Was going to see my Dad tomorrow, so have had to cancel that.

Do you think that's enough for one week?

I do!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Stitched up
Stitched in
hemmed in.
Gathered together
flat felled
Steamed and pressed

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The slow train...

I had a wonderfully colourful win on ebay last week, as you can see!
I am collecting in preparation for a quilt for DD, who wants it to be "colourful" and "busy". I also purchased a basket for said quarters - which is filling nicely.
The post also brought these lovely squares from Vonna in the Fair and Square exchange - Acorns are a favourite of mine, and I love this LHN design.
No progress pictures, as most of my current stitching is for upcoming exchanges - I have also been enjoying the company of my DD who was home for a visit. Lots of chatting, but perhaps not as much stitching as there should have been.
This week I have a reluctant scholar as DS faces the prospect of school tomorrow, and I have a W.I. party tomorrow night, for which I am baking.
The nights are drawing in, and I don't feel ready for the long dark winter days quite yet - maybe I am just reluctant to admit that "summer" has been and gone, and that the umbrella I have had as a constant companion will needs be replaced by woollies and wellies and thick warm socks!
Thank you to all who comment, it is very welcome and much appreciated.