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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The slow train...

I had a wonderfully colourful win on ebay last week, as you can see!
I am collecting in preparation for a quilt for DD, who wants it to be "colourful" and "busy". I also purchased a basket for said quarters - which is filling nicely.
The post also brought these lovely squares from Vonna in the Fair and Square exchange - Acorns are a favourite of mine, and I love this LHN design.
No progress pictures, as most of my current stitching is for upcoming exchanges - I have also been enjoying the company of my DD who was home for a visit. Lots of chatting, but perhaps not as much stitching as there should have been.
This week I have a reluctant scholar as DS faces the prospect of school tomorrow, and I have a W.I. party tomorrow night, for which I am baking.
The nights are drawing in, and I don't feel ready for the long dark winter days quite yet - maybe I am just reluctant to admit that "summer" has been and gone, and that the umbrella I have had as a constant companion will needs be replaced by woollies and wellies and thick warm socks!
Thank you to all who comment, it is very welcome and much appreciated.


Kathy A. said...

Good morning Clare. What lovely squares you have picked for your daughter's quilt. I'll bet you are enjoying her visit.
Your squares from Vonna are so lovely. She is such a special person. I so want to receive something stitched by her one day.
The air is starting to change here too. There is a coolness in the wind. Time to think about packing up and heading to Arizona.

Heidi said...

Ah Clare, we have something in common. I love acorns too! I am so glad that autumn has arrived in Holland. We are lighting candles in the evenings and I am enjoying the crispness in the air.

What a sweet block you received from Vonna.

You must be so pleased to have your DD visiting. Hope DS has a great school year.

I loved seeing your fabrics. I am going to enjoy watching your progress. Do you have a pattern picked to use?

Hugs ~

Sally said...

Very nice selection of fat quarters there Clare.

Lovely block from Vonna.

I am quite happy that Autumn is here or on it's way! I can shut my curtains and shut the world out earlier in an evening ( new neighbours- thank God we've got a 6 foot conifer hedge round the back!)

Ginnie said...

I love all those great colours for your quilt.

Nancy said...

Hi Clare:
Your fat quarters look like you are ready to start on your quilt. It will be fun for us to see what you choose to make. Sally sounds like me and neighbors. Ours are better than they started out.
Glad you had your daughter home for a nice visit.
Nancy V

hazel said...

Hi Clare,

I love the colours of the fabric you got on ebay and look forward to seeing the quilt progress. Hope the baking went well. I belong to the W.I. as well, great organisation.

Warm hugs,

Solstitches said...

More lovely squares received!
The fabrics you have chosen for your quilt are so lovely.
So happy you are going to give quilting a go. I just know you are going to love it!

Stitchingranny said...

A lovely selection of fabrics there Clare.

Thanks for the anniversary wishes via Nicola, we had a lovely afternoon.

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Your fabric win looks fun your DD will love them. Vonna's squares are great too. Stay warm and dry, CJ(ok;-)