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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Seasons Greetings - Ho! Ho! Ho!

Belated Christmas wishes and best wishes for 2008 to all my friends out there on the web.

This year has been full of changes and has brought me to a rather comtempaltive mood as we face another year. Age is really just a year tally, but it brings with it strange thoughts and the need for projects that stretch and challenge. Quite what these will be is in the lap of the Gods, but I feel the need to be bolder, and more focused, to plan and think ahead, not one of my strong points...

as the New Year comes a creepin' my thoughts turn to my Mum, who would have celebrated her birthday on New Year's Eve, forever the optomist, like her I will look for the "silver lining" while cloud watching.


The Silver Thistle said...

Happy New Year to you too :D

Looking forward to hearing all your news and seeing all your stitchy pics in 2008.

Andrea said...

Happy New Year!

Solstitches said...

Happy New Year Clare! I hope 2008 will be a good one for you.
As one of your cyber friends I am glad to have met you :)
Guess what! I share the same birthday as your mum.
I hope you can find a project to stitch on that will inspire you.
I look forward to seeing what you will choose.