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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Progress report

My progress this last 10 days has been hampered by my mislaying my specs... they were finally run to ground in my raincoat pocket - which was the first place I looked (not).

We have weathered a snow fall this week, not enough for a snowball fight - but sufficient for a picturesque covering.

Hikers is starting to come together, working on this once a week is working for me, maybe I should revue my rotation from 10 hours to weekdays. The change may be beneficial.

Bookshelf progress was slow as I ran out of DMC thread - this is now resolved and I look forward to making progress again this week. I did run the iron over my work prior to taking a photo, I think the result gives a better impression of this work in hand.

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The Silver Thistle said...

I haven't seen this bookshelf piece before but it looks great already! I'm a book fiend myself so I'll be watching eagerly to see how it develops. :)

Nice ornament too. I'm new to little pieces, I usually go for BAP and frame them. I'm hooked on the smaller projects now though and love seeing everyone elses.

Super job!