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Saturday, January 09, 2010

A week of contrasts

The white stuff looks set to be with us for a while longer, very picturesque, but chilly!
Because I have made a major counting error on my Willie's square, I was already to bin it! But wiser heads than mine advised leaving it for a while and coming back to it with fresh eyes, so that is what I decided to do. Here is my new start "Sew Autumn", stitched on 40 count cream linen, using Gloriana silk "Autumn Arbor"

My Willie square, the alphabet does not match up on the right hand side, I am 4 threads out - have looked and looked, but cannot see where I have "gone wrong. If you can see my error, please let me know, I will be very grateful.

Finally a HD for the new year, I completed this LHN Wool Needlebook for my friend Gillian, who celebrated her birthday yesterday. Gillian was one of the first people I met when we moved into the village 20 years ago. She has been a great friend, always ready with a cuppa and a share loved of all things stitching!
LHN Needlebook, stitched on 32 count Flax linen, using recommended DMC threads. Finished using brown hobby felt and buttons from Boyes.
I have also started a Rotation for my stitching this year, when having a clear out after Christmas, I discovered my paperwork for the rotation I did in 2006, I seemed to complete a fair number of items, so am having another go!

Thank you for your comments on my last post, it was a lovely welcome back after such a long break.


Anonymous said...

It's snowing here again - ugh! Pretty to look at, but horrible to go out in (and yes, absolutely freezing!)

Lovely start on Sew Autumn, but what a shame about your Willie Quaker square. I can't tell where you've gone wrong, as it's not a chart that I own, but I hope you manage to figure it out. It's too pretty to abandon :)

pj said...

Clare - lovely work. I am glad to see you blogging again.

As far as Willie goes, if you don't find it just fudge once you get to the top again by adding a space here and there of one stitch or add your initials over one at the top corner when you don't meet up....only you will know and it is beautiful now so don't give up on it. Gorgeous thread!!! Is that the one I sent you and then more?

Angela said...

Your needlebook is lovely.
It's definitely a good idea to leave Willie's Quaker. I have a magnifying ability on my computer and have had a good look but without knowing the pattern it's impossible to tell.
Don't give up on it though.
Sew Autumn is looking great. that's one of my favourite colours.
Angela xx

hazel said...

I like your Sew Autumn and wish you luck with your rotation. I have sent you a message via the group.

Keep warm,
Hazel (UK)

Linda K's Creativity Works said...

I love your stitching...

in due time you will pick that piece back up, take a look at it, and you will find your mistake...I've been there and done that myself.

Take care & Happy Stitching
Hugs :)

Kathy A. said...

Hi Clare - got your email - will answer soon.
What a shame that you are out. I wish I could mail Dani to you. When I am out and I'm frustrated I just throw it at her and she finds it for me. Maybe you could work around the error.
That is a lovely needlebook you made for your friend.
I am trying a bit of a rotation too. I never seem to be able to stick to it lol.

Suzanne said...

Lovely stitching. It's a shame about the mistake on Willie's Quaker. I agree you should leave it for a bit ad come back to it later on. Every piece I am working on at the moment has a counting error and I am very disheartened. I know how you feel.

cytojo417 said...

HI. Was looking at Willie Quaker and the "z" appears long and on the "X", it appears larger on the inside edge.

Brigitte said...

The needlebook tirned out so great. Gillian must have been so pleased with it.
Sew Autumn looks wonderful, I hope you could find the mistake in the meantime. I think I have this pattern somewhere but can't remember where. Was it in a magazine?