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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

In the work basket

This is a WIP called "Sally Spencer Sampler", a Birds of a Feather design, I have restarted. The colours are very much my colours, especially the scarlet.
I am posting progress here, as it has been languishing in my "basket" for a few months, and needs some encouragement to aid its completion.
I may have been "sleeping" lately, but as you can see I haven't been idle!

This is my progress on "Little Spot Sampler" a Drawn Thread design. I am working on the Queen stitch and Hungarian motif. I did have a major counting crisis, that I hope I have solved. This is a delightful project, and a quick stitch for me.


Nicola said...

Both projects looking good Clare. I love the colours of the Sally Spencer sampler, what fabric are you using, it looks gorgeous. Glad you've sorted out your counting error on Little Spot. This looks very familiar. (LOL) Look forward to seeing more.

The Silver Thistle said...

The colours on the Sally Spencer sampler are just wonderful and you've picked a perfect fabric for it. Super job!